Director's Message
I welcome you with great pleasure to Vivekanand Se. Sec. School. At  Vivekanand Se. Sec. School we take pride in spirit of innovation and a strong quest for excellence aided by our deep confidence in cultural values. We have a pivotal role in shaping our students into leaders of tomorrow.
At the  Vivekanand Se. Sec. School, we aim to build Excellence in Education, unleash the best creative & analytical potential in the field of education and allow our students to evolve into professionals at par with the global standards. The practical aspect of our institute is to equip every student with the confidence to take up any challenge, assignment and supersede in today’s competitive work culture.
In keeping with our strong academic tradition, we provide a curriculum to the highest academic standards.
I invite you to take this journey towards excellence and self-fulfillment with us at  Vivekanand Se. Sec. School. I offer you my best wishes for a glorious, rewarding career
Managing Director ; - Mr. ........................